Confinement food - Red Bean Soup 【做菜#2】My favorite dessert 我的最愛

13 April 2020

Raw material: Red beans Sauce: one cup of Sugar and Little bit salt Procedure: 1. soaking beans overnight 2. Add to pot and boiling it 3. After boiling, turn low heat for 5 minutes 4. After 5 minutes, Turn off heat, cover lid for 30 mins 5. Get out water and wash red beans 6. Pour beans back to clean pot 7. Turn on high heat and cook until it is boiling 8. Remove Froth, and turn low heat, cover lid to cook 45 mins 9. After 45 mins, turn off heat, add 1 cup of sugar, and little bit salt 10. Turn on heat for 5 mins, then DONE!

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